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Grebennikoff Vineyards is a small and limited production winery specializing in 100 percent varietal estate grown Merlot. Although Grebennikoff Vineyards is a relatively new winery in the Sonoma Valley, viticulturist/winemaker Nick Greben planted his small estate vineyard in 1974. The name Grebennikoff is Russian and came from Nick's father who emigrated here from China early in the last century. Nick's winemaking endeavors started when he was only four years old at the side of his Italian grandfather in the basement of the family home in Crockett, California.

In addition to grape growing and winemaking, Nick's other passion was firefighting for the City of Oakland up until his recent retirement. That's why our labels have a firefighter's theme. This is also why Nick and his wife Angele contribute a portion of the proceeds of each bottle sold to firefighter-related charities.

And now Nick and Angele have released their new red wine blend, appropriately named "Fire Engine Red". This collectable bottle has a front label depicting beautiful antique red fire engines created by artist and Santa Rosa fire fighter Don Ricci and a back label written to honor the camraderie shared by all firefighters. Each year a different fire engine will be featured on the front label.       

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